English Oak tree (Quercus robur) pot grown – Free delivery


English Oak (Quercus robur) grown by Cotswold Trees – Free delivery

Pot Grown 30-60cm or 60-90cm tall in a 2 litre pot and supplied with cane.


English Oak (Quercus robur) tree in a pot

Quercus Robur is a magnificent deciduous tree which as it matures will form a broad and spreading crown with sturdy branches beneath.  Oaks are not for the smaller spaces, reaching 30-40m tall at maturity and a canopy as broad as it is high.  English Oaks support more life than any other native tree species in the UK; even its fallen leaves support biodiversity.


  • Supplied in a container pot
  • 30-60 or 60-90cm tall tree in a 2 litre pot and supplied with cane
  • Package includes planting instructions
  • Free courier delivery

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30-60cm, 60-90cm


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